Desktop Publishing Assignment

  • For this assignment, you will need to create two different flyers.  Because we can only print in black and white and you will want to do your flyers in color, you will need to email me the flyers as attachments so I can grade them.  Email the flyers to and have the subject be Fliers.  Send both flyers at the same time in the same email.  You may also email a third flyer for extra credit, but it must be sent in the same email.  (Please do not send them to my school account.  They do not get through the filters at times.)



    Create a one page print advertisement for one of the following:

    • Wild Animal Theme Park
    • Toy Store
    • Sports Park
    • Birthday Announcement
    • Wedding Announcement 

    Use Microsoft Word to create your flyers.  Each flyer must fit on one page and be its own file. (Each flyer needs to be saved as its own file on your H: drive.)

    For each flyer, be sure you meet the following requirements:

    r   You must include the an overall title - (Come to My Party, Hoggle Zoo, Bart's Toy Store, etc.)

    r   You must use at least two different font colors (color of the words).  You can change the size, shape, colors, etc.

    r   You must include at least one WordArt graphic. (INSERT - WORDART)

    r   You must include at least one Text Box graphic. (INSERT - TEXT BOX)

    r   You must use at least one picture. (INSERT - PICTURE)

    r   You must use at least one clip art. (INSERT – CLIPART)

    r   You must use at least one shape. (INSERT – SHAPE)

    r   Put a border around your flyer. (PAGE LAYOUT – PAGE BORDER)

    r   Save the assignment on your student drive.

    r   Remember to use good principles of design by paying attention to white space, fonts, colors, shapes, layout, etc.

    r   Remember that everything must be an object.  There cannot be any free text anywhere.