Administrative Salary Schedule FY20

  • Previous Salary Base    73,317.25   High School Principal Activity Stipend $2,500
    Increase     3.500%   High School Activity Stipend (Asst.) $5,000
    New Salary Base    75,883.35   20 Yr. Longevity Step   1.98%
                25 Yr. Longevity Step   1.98%
    MS+60 or Ed Spec. Degree   $750   28 Yr. Longevity Step   5.00%
    Doctorate Degree   $1,000   30 Yr. Longevity Step   5.00%
    An educator salary adjustment of $2500 is included in the schedule for each school administrator position.  To qualify, employees must have a satisfactory or higher job performance rating in their most recent evaluation.
    Administrators will contribute $2,500 + 5.15% of their H&A Insurance premium through payroll deduction.  
Administrative Schedule Description

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