2023-24 Teacher Salary Schedule

  • Notes:

    1. An educator salary adjustment of $8,400 has been added to each salary amount above for the following positions: classroom teacher, speech pathologist, library media teacher, preschool teacher, mentor teacher, teacher specialist, teacher leader, guidance counselor, audiologist, psychologist, and social worker. To qualify, employees must have an effective or higher job performance rating in their most recent evaluation.
    2. A letter of intent to make a lane change must be filed with the Human Resource Office by May 1st.
    3. Credits for lane changes must be presented to the Human Resource Office by September 1st.  Credit hours are representative of semester credits.
    4. Effective September 1, 1980, all credits to be counted toward the MS+30 degree lane must be eligible for use toward a post-master degree. In lieu of 30 hours of credit as described above, 40 hours of miscellaneous credit beyond the MS degree may be instituted.
    5. Only credits obtained after the certification for which you are hired may be used toward lane change.


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