Bell Ringers

  • Everyday in class, students are given a "bell ringer" assignment.  This is an assignment that the students will complete at the beginning of class, where they will respond to a prompt on their bell ringer paper.  If a student is absent, they are still required to complete the bell ringer assignment, and will receive 100% of the points based on completion.  If a student is absent, there is a binder in the classroom with the prompts for each day of class.  Students can access this binder at any time to respond to the prompt in their notebooks.  I will also post the prompts on this page, if a student would like to access it from home.  Please read the prompt for the day that you missed class, and respond on your bell ringer paper for the week.  Thanks!

    Please Click on the current trimester's link on the left hand side of the webpage to access the Bell Ringer for this trimester.