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    No matter what you call them, these are words that we want students to read quickly and accurately to increase their fluency.

    Sight words are taught as early as Kindergarten.  There are a few theories as to what actually constitutes a "Sight Word".  For my definition (with early readers), sight words are the words that do not easily sound out, and are frequently used.  I've attached a file below listing the sight words that I have taught in Kindergarten.  Many of these are from the Saxon Phonics and Spelling program, and also include the number words to ten.

    Into first grade and beyond, we want the most common words to be very automatic, and often add words that do sound out into the "Sight Words" category.  Many teachers use the Fry Words or the Dolch word lists.

    See the links below for word lists and games to practice high-frequency words.

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