District/ School Data - How are we doing?

    The students in our district have proven to be amazing readers.  We are among the top in the state when it comes to performance and achievement on end-of-level tests for Language Arts as well as other subject areas.  See the link below (Sage Results) to look at our school and district data.

    It is difficult to say how we compare nationally when it comes to reading since there isn't a nationally-normed reading test that students in Utah take each year.  However, our district was able to participate in the ITBS testing (a national test) with our 3rd graders in the fall of 2012.  Our hard work in developing strong readers in K-2 shows through in this exciting data!  
    49% of Cache students scored in the top 74th-99th percentile.  75% of Cache students scored above the 49th percentile.  See the attached file for further information.   

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