Language Arts Programs (Tier I Instruction)

  •  Saxon Phonics:  Our students K-2 are taught reading and spelling using the Saxon Phonics and Spelling program.  This program teaches the letters, sounds, phonetic skills, word building, sight words, and coding words to guide students as they read.  Each week builds on what has previously been learned, and there is ample opportunity to practice new skills.  Parents will see word lists and small black & white readers come home for reading practice.  
    See the Saxon site for more information: Saxon Phonics.  

    Reading Street:  The 2nd-5th grade students have an engaging Language Arts program called "Reading Street".  Reading Street exposes the students to various genres of literature, prompts them to look closely at what they are reading, guides students to analyze text and author's purpose, and has learning activities geared to increase grammar and comprehension skills.  Many teachers choose to use the vocabulary and spelling words from Reading Street.
    See the Reading Street website for more information: Reading Street.

    Elements of Vocabulary: Our Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers help students learn complex and interesting words using the program, Elements of Vocabulary.  The words are introduced in literature and then practiced throughout the week (using picture cards, worksheets, and discussion).  Students typically are tested on the words they have learned at the end of the week.  See this site for more information: Elements of Vocabulary.

     Reading For All Learners: Reading for All Learners helps students build reading fluency.  Some teachers use it with all students, and some students will use them during Tier II (Reading intervention) time.  These books focus on both sight word recognition and letter sound mastery as tools for fluent reading.  Each book adds new words to master listed prior to each story.  Also known as "Sam Books" or "Rainbow Books", students love to show off what great readers they are becoming as they read these aloud.  See this site for more information: Reading for All Learners.

    Step-Up to Writing: Many teachers in our district use the "Step-Up" program to guide their writing instruction.  If you see writing in the hall colored or marked with red, yellow, and green, you'll know that "Step-up" is being used.  Step-Up teaches the types of writing and the writing process in an explicit way to help guide writers on any level.  See this site for more information: Step-Up to Writing