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Take Time for School Breakfast!

  • Breakfast Provides Benefits... Make it a priority!




    Cache County School District is committed to ensuring that all of our students start the day with a nutritious breakfast. Kids who eat breakfast tend to miss school less and get better grades.


    This is to inform you that Birch Creek Elementary, Canyon Elementary, Greenville Elementary, Lewiston Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, Millville Elementary, Summit Elementary, and White Pine Elementary will offer a traditional breakfast for students who arrive before the first bell rings (call the school for breakfast starting times).  For students who arrive after the first bell, we will offer a late start grab and go.  If you, as a parent, want your student to eat breakfast after the first bell rings, we will serve your student a grab-and-go bag that includes milk, fruit or juice, and whole grains. This may be eaten in the cafeteria.  This will be offered 15 minutes after the first bell rings.  All other schools (not mentioned above) will only offer a traditional breakfast. No grab-and-go will be offered.


    Why did we add a late start grab and go to our traditional breakfast?  Utah House Bill 222 created the Start Smart Utah Program and requires some public schools to use an alternative breakfast service model, in addition to their traditional school breakfast if the school’s free and reduced percentage is above 30%.


    How much does school breakfast and grab-and-go cost? If you qualify for a free breakfast, there is no cost. If you qualify for reduced, breakfast costs 30¢ per day. If you don’t qualify for either of these, breakfast costs $1.40 per day.


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