Country Music

  • We read a poem by Arnold Adoff titled, “Street Music,” in our novel Love That Dog. This poem is full of the sounds from a big city. Since our students mostly live in a rural setting, you get to write a poem about “country” music - the sounds from our country streets.


    1. Brainstorm the sights and sounds (maybe smells) from the streets you are familiar with in your composition book.
    2. Write a rough draft in poetry format (it should look like a poem).
    3. Make sure it has real sentences with correct punctuation and capitalization.
    4. Try to use a couple of poetic devices (alliteration, assonance, onomatopoeia, simile, repetition)

    Street Music

    by Arnold Adoff

    T h i s    c i t y:
    t h e
    a l w a y s
               n o i s e
    g  r  i  n  d  i  n  g
    up     from     the
    s u b w a y s
    u n d e r
       g r o u n d:
    slamming from bus tires
    and taxi horns and engines
    of cars and trucks in all

     v  o  c  a  b  u  l  a  r  i  e  s
    hot  metal    l a n g u a g e
    c  o  m  b  i  n  a  t  i  o  n  s:
    as    p l a n e s
    o v e r h e a d
                 r o a r
    o r c h e s t r a
    of rolling  drums
    and battle blasts
                   my ears
    w i t h
    t h e
    a l w a y s
        n o i s e   of
    t h i s   c i t y:

    street    music.