Spelling Study Tips

Spelling Imagery Strategy
  1. Look at the word carefully.
  2. Say the word.
  3. With your eyes closed, picture the word.
  4. Cover the word then write it.
  5. Check the spelling.
  6. If the word is misspelled, repeat steps 1-5.

Spelling Imagery Strategy on Steroids
Follow these strategies with the toughest words:
  1. SAY the word out loud, pronouncing it correctly
  2. USE the word correctly in a sentence
  3. LOOK carefully at the word: Can it be broken into smaller bits? Do any of the smaller bits remind you of the patterns of letters from other words you already know how to spell? Are there rules that apply to parts of the words?
  4. THINK about the parts of the words which might cause problems - double letters for instance, or a vowel that isn't pronounced as you would expect.
  5. RESTATE the word out loud using its syllables (look it up in a dictionary if you don’t know the syllables).
  6. PICTURE the shape of the word.
  7. COVER the word and close your eyes. Try to see the word in your mind.
  8. WRITE the word down without looking back.
  9. CHECK to see if you're right. If not, look carefully at where you went wrong and try again.
Printable version of the above two strategies available.

Websites using Your Words

  • AAASpell.com [off-site - new window] is a great site offering customized lists. You can copy the spelling list and paste it in to quickly generate your spelling list. Use the
  • Use the Look Cover Write and Check website [going off-site - new window] to help you practice. Look at the bottom and use the “Pupil’s Lists” buttons to create your own spelling list to study. I don’t think it saves your lists between sessions, so you'll have to type your words each time (I'd suggest using just 5 words at a time).
  • SpellingCity.com [off-site - new window] has a test feature that says the word, then gives it in a sentence.

Websites Giving Advice

  • Catch the Spelling [off-site - new window] game has many lists to choose from (you'll have to look around for areas that you need particular help with).
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