Online Editing

  • Learning to find errors or areas for improvement in your own writing is a skill even professional writers sometimes struggle with. Below are two online ways to help student writing get a little bit better. Having a computer analyze your writing is just another step to making your writing better.


    This is a several step process - follow the instructions closely.

    The Expresso site doesn't like the underlying (you can't see it) code that Google Docs uses, so the first website you will use, PHP Junkyard's HTML to Text, will strip out all of the extra code:

    • Open the piece of writing you want to have analyzed.
    • Select and copy the part you want checked:
      • Press [Ctrl][a] to select all of it (if you only want a portion of your writing analyzed, select just the portion you want).
      • Press [Ctrl][c] to copy it.
    • Open PHP Junkyard's HTML to Text page.
    • In the top box, paste [Ctrl][v] the part you have copied.
    • Click on the "Convert HTML ==> text" button.
    • Just below that is a box that now has your writing in it with all the paragraphs stripped out.
      • Click once inside of that box.
      • Press [Ctrl][a] to highlight all of it.
      • Press [Ctrl][c] to copy it.

    Now you are ready for the next part, which is to actually have Expresso analyze your writing.

    • Open the Expresso website.
    • Click in the spot that says, "Write or paste some text here."
    • Paste the text [Ctrl][v].
    • Click on "Analyze Text."
    • Use the feedback to fix your writing in your Google Doc - do not try to write in the box on the Expresso website.

    Utah Compose

    When you are finished with your response, use Utah Compose and get some feedback.

    1. Open the piece you want to use with Utah Compose (you should have cleaned it up with Expresso already - see instructions above).
    2. Copy what you have written [Ctrl][a] then [Ctrl][c].
    3. Log in to Utah Compose.
      1. username starts with 000
      2. password should be the same you use to log in to computers, PowerSchool, etc.
    4. Choose the class period you are in for Mr. C (Language Arts 6A, Period __)
    5. Go to the "Practice" tab.
    6. Choose the assignment you are working on.
    7. Click on the "Begin Writing" button.
    8. (if you see something that asks if you want to "Continue" or "Discard," just click on the "Discard" button.
    9. Paste your writing into Utah Compose.
    10. Click on the "Submit" button (bottom right corner).
    11. You will see an overall score just to the left of the blue graph - ignore it.
    12. Below the blue graph, there will be some "Evaluations" - use that information to fix your writing in Google Docs.
    13. It is up to you to decide what evaluation/feedback information will make your writing better - if there is something you don't understand, ignore it.
    14. When you have used as much of the evaluation/feedback as you can, log out then close Utah Compose.