Peer Sharing & Critiquing

  • You will often have to share and critique a peer's work. The instructions on this page explain the process of doing that using computers and Google docs.
    • critique: pronounced crih teek - to explain what is done well or poorly in a person's writing
    • peer: someone who is like you in some way - in this case, another student

    Make a Copy of Your Work

    Before another person can critique your work, you need to prepare your work for them.

    • Open up the document that will be critiqued.
    • Highlight the whole document:
      • press [ctrl][a] - that means press the "control" key and then the "a" key
    • Make a copy of what you highlighted:
      • press [ctrl][c] - that means press the "control" key and the "c" key
    • Then, click somewhere at the bottom of the document, below the writing that is highlighted, and you should see the cursor flashing at the end of your document.
    • (Be careful that you don't accidentally delete everything, but, if you mess something up, press the [ctrl][z] keys to undo the mess up.)
    • Press the [enter] key a couple of times so that you have a couple of lines below your original writing.
    • Paste in a copy of your original writing:
      • press [ctrl][v] - that means press the "control" key and the "v" key
    • You should now have two pieces of writing that are identical to each other.
    • Close your document.

    Sharing Your Document

    Mr. Carles will tell you who you will share your assignment with. When you know who that person is, do the following:
    • In Google Drive, right click on the document you need to share.
    • You should see a little menu drop down: choose "Share."
    • You will see another little menu pop up: choose "Share" again.
    • You should now see the share dialog box.
    • Type in the person's name you are supposed to share with.
    • Remove the checkmark from the box.
    • Click all of the blue buttons until the document is shared. 

    Critiquing Preparation
    • To critique a peer's work, you need to have the rubric for the assignment open.
      • Mr. Carles will usually provide a link to the particular rubric you need to use.
      • Open the rubric and read through the whole thing with your brain.
    • Next, open the assignment that has been shared with you:
      • go to the "Shared with me" folder
      • look for the assignment the other person shared with you
      • if you can't see it, in the search bar, type the other person's name and hopefully you see it
      • if you still can't find it, go tell the person they need to share it with you
      • if they tell you they have shared it, but you still can't find it, let Mr. Carles know
    • You should see two copies of the assignment that are identical to each other.
      • if you don't see two identical copies, go tell the other person they forgot to follow the instructions on how to make a copy (which are explained above on this page) and tell them to do that now, then tell Mr. Carles they didn't make a copy
    • When you see two identical copies, you are ONLY going to look at the BOTTOM copy and pretend the top copy doesn't exist.

    The top copy is always going to be the newest, cleanest, most fixed up version that is only touched by the person who owns the document, and any other copies below it are used for critiquing by other people.

    Critiquing - Using the Rubric

    • Look at the first item from the rubric, then look at the bottom copy of the work you are critiquing and see if they did what they were supposed to do based on the rubric.
      • if they did do it properly/completely, go to the next item on the rubric
      • but, if they did not do it properly/completely, then leave them a comment telling them what they need to fix - be specific and use words from the rubric
    • Go to the next item on the rubric.
    • Check to see if they did this next item properly/completely.
    • Keep doing that until you have covered every item from the rubric.
    • When you are done, close the person's assignment you were critiquing.

    Note: If you can't find anything to comment on that they did poorly with, at least leave comments about things they did well, that way they at least know you looked at it.

    Revising Your Critiqued Work

    • Find your assignment that was supposed to be critiqued and open it.
    • If the person is not finished critiquing yours (you can tell because if you look in the top right corner of your document you can see that they are still in your document):
      • open your book and quietly read
      • keep looking at your document every few minutes
      • when the person has closed your document, you should see they are no longer there
    • If the person IS finished critiquing yours, continue with these instructions.
    • Read through the comments they left.


    When a peer edits and critiques your work, that is their opinion and it has nothing to do with any grade Mr. Carles will give you. It is up to you to make decisions about what the other person said. If you don't agree with them, that's fine, you don't have to do what they said. You do have to seriously consider what they said, then decide on whether it is good advice or not.

    Please, do NOT tell Mr. Carles that the person was wrong, or that you don't like the way they critiqued it, or that you didn't mean what they think you mean, or anything else about the way they critiqued it because Mr. C will not use their comments to give you a grade. So even if the other person completely messed up the critiquing of your document, it won't matter because it has nothing to do with your grade. You get to decide what to do about your work, not them.

    Occasionally the person critiquing your work isn't as accomplished of a writer as you are and they can't find anything to help you with your writing so they might have left your writing blank, with no comments. Please go ask the person if they left it blank on purpose, do not ask/tell Mr. C about it. Just because they didn't say anything, doesn't mean your work was the best it can be - you go find some things about it you know can be made better.

    Sometimes, you will read someone else's comments/critiques and not understand what they were trying to tell you - their comments are confusing. Please, do not ask Mr. Carles what they meant when they wrote something you don't understand - Mr. Carles didn't write it, so he doesn't know. You can either go ask the person who wrote it (take your netbook with you), or you can just ignore it. Do not go tell them they corrected it wrong, just ask them what they meant, and then either use the advice or ignore it.

    Always leave any comments and your bottom copies alone - don't fix, delete, change, add, etc. anything to the bottom ones. Just deal with the top one.

    To help you fix your assignment:

    1. You have some comments/critiques from a peer.
    2. You have a Rubric.
    3. Anything else related to the assignment.

    Using those things, fix your assignment so it is the best assignment ever.