Citing Sources

  • If you use any source to get information from to help you complete an assignment, especially research assignments, you need to let the reader know where you found the information. "Cite" means "to refer to" or "to make reference to" something. To cite your sources means to refer to the sources you used. In other words, you point the reader to the things you used. 

    At the end of each research essay, you need to include a sources cited list (also called a bibliography). This list includes all of the places you got information that is included in your written work. If you read a magazine, book, newspaper article, encyclopedia, internet pages, or even talked to somebody and they gave you information, you need to include them as sources in your list.

    The typical information you need to cite a source is who made the information, where you found the information, when the information was first made and who published the information. 

    To make it easier for the reader to know what your sources are referring to, there are several different professional ways to cite a source. One feature all of the different ways have in common is that you must write the information down exactly the way they want you to. This is almost like long division: if you mes up one little step, the whole thing is wrong.

    Every comma, parenthesis, period, capitalized letter, quotation mark, etc. must be included and must be in the right spot.

    Below is a sample of how we will cite sources in Mr. C's class.

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