• You are allowed to listen to music in Mr. C's class. But there are a few rules. These are the rules for listening to music in class.
    • When listening to music, your neighbor should not be able to hear your music.
    • You may not listen to songs with inappropriate lyrics. (If something comes on with inappropriate lyrics, there is nothing Mr. C can do about it, just change the station and don't go back to that station.)
    • If there is anything you think is inappropriate on a site, please leave the site.
    • As soon as you hear Mr. C start to talk, you need to remove the earbuds (headphones).
    • You must get on the calendar and read through things first so you know what you are working on before you start to listen to music.
    • You may only take about a minute to get your music playing.
    • Once you are listening to music, you may not keep going back to the music to mess around with it, change it, etc.
    • You may not sing out loud ;-) .
    • No sharing headphones or earbuds (yuck!).
    • When you are finished listening to music, you must turn the volume all the way down.
    You may only the following online places to look for music (no ipod, mp3 player, phone, etc.):
    • (there should be a bookmark for here on your netbook already)
    • (there should be a bookmark for here on your netbook already)
    • (only use this if you have an account with Pandora)
    • Radio Paradise - you don't get to pick what you want to listen to, you just get what they want to play
    If there are other online radio stations you know about, check with Mr. C first to see if you are allowed to go there. Do not ask during class, but rather before or after class.

    If you have any problems with listening to music, you (not the whole class, just the person with the problem) will not be allowed to listen to it.