Course: Math 1050

  • Course Description

    Areas of study for the course will include exponential, power, polynomial, rational, logarithmic, and piece-wise functions. Students will investigate and explore mathematical ideas using methods that will help them gain a deep understanding of fundamental concepts, develop multiple strategies for analyzing complex situations, and acquire appropriate technological skills. Students will analyze situations verbally, numerically, graphically, and symbolically. Effective communication skills will be developed so that students will be able to discuss, explain, and justify their thoughts and ideas. While mathematical skills will be developed, teaching will focus on building a deep understanding of concepts that will enable students to apply mathematical skills and make meaningful connections to life's experiences. 

    This course in a concurrent enrollment class meaning the student will receive both high school and college credit.  Since it is a college course you are expected to buy a textbook, have a graphing calculator, pay a $10 recording fee for credit, and do at least one hour of homework a night.  A student who receives a D or F in a high school concurrent enrollment class may be denied admission at USU rather than placed on academic probation.


    Math 1050 Placement

    Students can qualify for placement into Math 1050 in one of the three ways:

    • Math ACT score of 23 or higher (taken after August 1, 2014 for Fall 2015 and after January 1, 2015 for Spring 2016).
    • Math Accuplacer score of 60 or higher (taken after August 1, 2014 for Fall 2015 and after January 1, 2015 for Spring 2016) - Can be taken once per day up to 3 times per trimesters at the cost of $2 per attempt.  Test given in Computer Lab Room 223.
    • One opportunity to get a 70% or higher on a Math 1010 final.  Mountain Crest will give the Math 1010 final once in the fall and once in the spring for students interested in placing into Math 1050.