AP Math Study Hall

  • Goals:

    Ø  Help students be successful in their course work.

    Ø  Learn to utilize time effectively.

    Ø  Provide extra help for students as needed.



    Ø  The teacher will provide a quiet, distraction free environment where students can do individual work.

    Ø  The student will come prepared with course work from their classes that can be worked on in Study Hall.

    Ø  If the student does not have course work to do, it is expected that they bring a book to read.


    Course Grading:  Pass/Fail

    A passing grade is earned by keeping at least 72 points of the 90 points I give you at the beginning of the session.


    Points are deducted for the following:

    Ø  Absence minus 3 points each

    Ø  Tardy minus 1 points each

    Ø  Disruptive or off task behavior minus 1-3 points per infraction

    Ø  Failure to check out on log sheet and return signed FLEX passes minus 3 points per infraction 

    A student cannot go negative. 


    Study Hall Make-up:

    Points can be made up by coming into my classroom before or after school, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  You must bring homework and work for 30 minutes.  Each 30 minutes will make up 3 points.


    Hall Pass:

    Students are expected to be in my class everyday.  I expect that if a student needs help or has questions about their homework, I for the most part will be able to help them.  If a student must have access to a computer or the library, they will be able to obtain a pass from me.  If a student needs to retake a test from one of their other teachers they must bring a pass from that teacher before they will be allowed to leave.  It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the pass before the FLEX hour. 


    Listening to music with ear phones is permitted, provided that no one else is able to hear.  No cell phones.  No electronic games.

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