Getting to Know Mrs. Sorensen . . . .

  • Growing up in Spanish Fork, Utah, I enjoyed singing, horseback riding, skiing, cheerleading, 4-wheeling and being with my family.  Coming to Utah State to be an Aggie was a great choice! I majored in English, and have a minor in Spanish.   I participated in winter quarter abroad with USU in Mexico City one year. . . . . .oh, it was soooo warm and wonderful!  Traveling all around that beautiful and interesting country was a great experience, and helped me learn to speak Spanish. 

    I am currently enrolled at USU to obtain my Masters of Teaching Second Languages degree, and Administrative Supervisory Certificate.  I believe that life is all about loving the people you are with, constantly learning and improving and living each day to the fullest!  Carpe Diem!

    Some of my favorites are;  Cache Valley, the color green, being around fun, youthful people, (age doesn't matter), singing in my church choir or with my classes, dancing around our house or in our classroom, warm chocolate-chip cookies, skiing 'The Beav' and biking all over this gorgeous valley!


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