School Community Council

  • Summit School Community Council

    The Purpose:
    School Community Councils will improve student learning, performance, and achievement through open communication involving the stakeholders in the education community.
    School Community Council membership should strive to balance community and educator membership to create the most effective and responsive decision-making group possible. Membership will include representatives from the community, school site administrator, certificated and classified staff. (By law the council will consist of 2 more community representatives than school representatives)

    The responsibilities of the committee are to:
    1. Review testing data and all reliable data to determine the needs of the students. This includes: Goals for the School Improvement Plan/School Land Trust Plan and Reading Achievement Plan.
    2. Assist in the development of a professional development plan.
    3. Develop a child access plan.
    4. Submit required reports for School Board of Education approval.
    5. Advise school and district administration and the local school board on local and district school issues.
    6. They may assign sub committees as a task force to complete assignments.
    7. They have access to and review a school’s budge.


    Summit Elementary School Community Council Candidate Forms are available in the office.  The form is due to the school principal before October 27th. Elections will be held on November 1st. 


    Trustland Funds

    Summit Elementary receives money from Trustland funds. This money was very helpful and we feel it was utilized very well. We had two specific goals we hoped to achieve. Below is an overview of what was accomplished:
    We prescribed specific instruction and grouped students utilizing the data received from administering the DIBELS NEXT test and other assessments. We strove to improve our Tier I instruction by having teachers observe each other twice during the year. Students who scored below benchmark received an additional thirty minutes of TIER II and III explicit and systematic reading instruction by teachers and highly qualified aides. Additional aide time was acquired to assist in classrooms with a large student body. By the middle of the year DIBELS NEXT benchmark assessment, 79% of students reached the fluency proficiency benchmark level using the composite scores. This is 1% lower than our goal of 80% of students reaching this proficiency benchmark. By the end of the year we had 83% of our students scoring on benchmark. We are happy with this progress, and look forward to continued growth.
    Teachers began math fluency instruction and practice after completing the Otter Creek Math Fluency tests as prescribed in the program. Records were accurately maintained and evaluated throughout the year. By December we had 63% of our students meeting benchmark with their math timings. Students scoring below benchmark received prescribed instruction in Tier II and Tier III. Aids were trained monthly by our math facilitator and teachers. These students were also provided with 30 minutes of math instruction before school hours. We also held a March Math Madness competition with the help of our PTA. This greatly improved students motivation and performance. We are happy to report that by May we had 86.5% of our students were meeting these benchmarks. All of the students made great improvements with their math fact fluency. Summit School received $79,069 in School Trustland Funds for the 2018-19 school year.  


    Rules of Order and Procedure adopted by the council:
    Chair: I will make a motion to approve (chair states the item being voted upon).
    SCC member: I second the motion
    Chair: All in favor (SCC discusses issues when arise)


    Proposed Meeting Schedule 2018 - 2019

     All meetings are open to the public and will be held at 3:45 in the office conference room.

     October 25, 2018

    November 15, 2018

    January 17, 2019

    February 21, 2019

    March 21, 2019

    April 18, 2019


    March Minutes 2018

    March Agenda 2018

    February Minutes 2018

    February Agenda 2018

    January Minutes 2018

    January Agenda 2018 

    November Minutes 2017 

    November Agenda 2017 

    October Agenda 2017

    October Minutes 2017

    Summit Trustlands 2017-18





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