Heritage Elementary

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  • Heritage Safety Tips from Hot Shot

    Heritage Safety Tips from Hot Shot

    Help keep our Heritage students safe coming to and from school. Please follow these important safety tips from Hot Shot for school walkers, bike/scooter riders, car riders, and bus riders.

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  • Preschool Screening

    Preschool Screening

    Cache County School District will be conducting screenings for children ages 3-5 who are NOT eligible for kindergarten in 2021-22. This screening is to see if they qualify for a special education preschool program for children with developmental delays.

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  • Mary Knight Teacher of the Year

    Mary Knight Teacher of the Year

    Congratulations to Mary Knight, Heritage Elementary Teacher of the Year!
    Mrs. Knight was honored at the School Board Meeting in January.

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  • CCSD Illness Protocol

    CCSD Illness Protocol

    It requires a community effort from parents, students, and employees to keep our schools healthy! Click here to read the CCSD Illness Protocol.

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  • Feeling Sick?

    Feeling Sick?

    How to help determine when it's best to have your child stay home and get better. Thank you for helping us keep our schools germ free and our students healthy.

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  • Have You Linked Your Shopping Cards?

    Have You Linked Your Shopping Cards?

    Now is the time to link your shopping cards! Be sure to link your Macey's and Smith's grocery cards to Heritage Elementary. Reminder that it must be linked yearly. It only takes a moment of your time but benefits our school SO MUCH!

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  •  CHIP

    CHIP- Children's Health Insurance Program

    Raising children is hard. Keeping them healthy doesn’t have to be. Too many of our kids are uninsured that can qualify for CHIP right now. You can apply at any time of the year. Get free and confidential help today by calling 2-1-1.

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  • Home & School Newsletter

    Home & School Newsletter

    Please click here to read the current month newsletter. This is a great resource for helping to interact and grow together with your student.

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  • Weekly News

    Weekly News

    Please click here to see our Weekly News updates

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  • Box Tops Needed

    Box Tops Needed

    Please collect and bring Box Tops to school to help our school purchase classroom supplies and earn classroom prizes.

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