• Online Sessions $170 - Available each trimester

    A Learner Permit must be obtained from the Driver License Division (110 East 700 South - phone: 752-0332) by taking and passing the State Written Test BEFORE attending the first day of class.

     Online Class Notice:

    The online courses run concurrently with the regular trimester classes.  Please contact Mr.Gittins approximately 2 weeks before the trimester you wish to register for- rich.gittins@ccsdut.org"


    Before registering for the class, you MUST obtain a Learner Permit from the Driver License Division (110 East 700 South – phone: 752-0332). 

    You must take and pass the State Written Test. You are required, by Utah Law, to have the permit at least SIX MONTHS prior to obtaining a license even if you are already 16. It would be best to take a class approximately six months prior to reaching age sixteen.

    You will need to complete the 27 instruction hours, all instructional drives, and have a Learner Permit for six months prior to obtaining a Driver License at age sixteen.